Phago's three flatbreads

Damn good
Mediterranean food

Our loving family of tastes comes to you from all around the sunny, salty Mediterranean, made from scratch using only the freshest seasonal ingredients—all-day, every-day, down at Phago.

We love Mediterranean food—it’s that simple. Homemade all-day, every-day, at Fælledvej and Lille Kongensgade, ready for you from 12.00 to 21.00.

Meet the Phago fam

Our flatbread is the kitchen’s snappy big sis—fluffy, round and made on sourdough for that extra acidic edge, both soft and crunchy.

Our lemon vinaigrette is the Grandmother of the kitchen—full of tough love. She ferments for two months to find herself zesty and sharp; she’s the Nonna you never had.

Our baba ghanoush is our kitchen’s classic Grandfather—settled and wise, but not afraid to challenge you on your assumptions! We bake all our aubergines every-day at scorching temperatures with garlic and mix it with smooth, top-quality tahin and lemon juice for that smooth comfort.

Our romesco is the kitchen’s pesky younger brother—full of red-bell-pepper-power and hot spices like cayenne and ras el hanout. Rounded with baked sweet potatoes and freshened with parsley and lemon squeeze, you’re never bored with him. An absolute banger!

All in all, just damn good Mediterranean food.

Phago's sides
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At Phago, we do everything ourselves from scratch. Why? Because that’s love—no short-cuts, no-nonsense, just damn good Mediterranean food. Take a look at our menu. Eat it in, take it away or book us for catering. We got you.

    • Flatbreads

    • Homemade sourdough flatbread, baba ganoush, romesco, sweet potatoes, cabbage, pomegranate, and our lemon vinaigrette
    • Monthly Special89
    • Roasted Chicken79
    • Lamb Kofta79
    • Fresh Falafel • VG79
      • Add Ons
      • Spicy Harissa+5
      • Feta Goat Cheese+5
      • Tahin Creme+5
    • Seasonal Salads

    • Seasons best produce, with homemade sauces and spices
    • Roasted Chicken85
    • Lamb Kofta85
    • Fresh Falafel • VG85
    • Combo

    • Phago's Combo135

      Homemade flatbread or salad, side and soft-drink

      • Add Ons
      • Sweet & Sour Tomatoes+10
      • Beer+10
    • Sides

    • Sweet Potato Fries • VG45

      With our homemade romesco

    • Roasted Cauliflower • VG45

      Olive oil and our homemade tahin creme

    • Sweet & Sour Tomatoes • VT55

      Kalamata olives, basil, feta cheese, and our lemon vinaigrette

    • Drinks

    • Water25

      Aqua Panna or San Pellegrino

    • San Pellegrino Soda30

      Pompelmo, Limonata or Aranciata Rossa

    • Beer40

      Changing variety

Phago's sides Phago's organic sourdough flatbread Phago's flatbread

Just damn good Mediterranean food. Homemade, all-day, every-day.